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How to choose your perfect dress


Pia Gladys Perey is a next-generation designer who believes in sustainability, Innovation and helping Abused Children and Women.

Proud Supporter

Proud Supporter of the United Nations Development Program on Sustainability.  We donate our remaining fabric to a women's group, who use it to create clothing and other items that they can then sell or use. 

Driving Innovation

Machine-washable and wrinkle-free dresses that goes "From Black Tie to the Wedding Aisle"

100% Hand Made

"Each dress has been cut and draped lovingly by hand then sewn by the same person to finish.  It is our way of connecting with our clients and sharing the beauty that we see in every woman - no matter what age, shape and colour you are." - Pia

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Anna Maria

Thank you Pia Gladys Perey for the stunning Lilac & Purple off-the shoulder dress!

Riley Rodgers

We got our new Pia Gladys Perey Bridesmaid dress and it beautiful! 

Taylor Jones

I bought Pia gladys Perey "Dionne" Dress, and I love how all of her creations are curve loving and Beautufil!

Sonja Angelos

Just wore my Pia Gladys Pereys dress and it's safe to say I'm in love! It's figure-hugging and has a flattering silhouette.